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The Association of Hospital Chief Executives (AHCE) was founded in 1995 by a group of Irish Voluntary Hospital Chief Executives. The Association’s principal aims are to provide members with a forum for discussing hospital management issues, to represent members on local regional and national policy development committees or fora and to protect the interests of members.


The Executive Committee which is appointed at each Annual General Meeting meets quarterly and carries out a range of functions as set out in the constitution. These functions include representing members, making arrangements for an Annual Conference normally held in Spring and holding the Annual General Meeting normally held in the Autumn. Speakers for the Annual Conference are drawn from Health Agencies in Ireland and overseas, the Department of Health and Children, and the Health Service Executive in Ireland.





Membership is open to Hospital Chief Executives throughout the country, or persons considered by the Executive to be of similar status in the hospital service. The Association’s current membership is drawn from the Major Academic Teaching, Maternity, Children’s, and Single Specialty Hospitals.           







Address for Correspondence


Ms. Pauline Treanor,

Honorary Secretary,

Association of Hospital Chief Executives,

The Rotunda Hospital,

Parnell Square,

Dublin 1.

Phone: 01-817 1747

Email: ptreanor@rotunda.ie


Executive Committee


Gerard O’Callaghan, Chairman  

Pat O’Boyle, Vice Chairman                          

Pauline Treanor, Honorary Secretary

Danny Dunne, Honorary Treasurer  

Derek Greene, Member                   

Ethel McKenna, Member     

Liam Duffy, Member                          

Lorcan Birthistle, Member

Graham Knowles, Member     

Robin Mullan, Member






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